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Happy Customers

"The Rainbow has changed our lives! It has been the best decision we have made for our family! We are in love with everything it does and has done for us. We thought our house was clean, until we used the Rainbow cleaning system! Our home feels and smells clean!"
Shane & Kristen
"My husband and I purchased a rainbow after we saw what an amazing product it was and all the different ways it could be used. Considering we have a dog inside, and a son who had a respiratory illness at the time, we mainly purchased the rainbow for the purification system. It has been a complete life saver for my asthma issues, as well as helping my son with his breathing. We absolutely LOVE our Rainbow and we will never have anything different!"
Jameson & Savannah
"We have had our Rainbow vacuum for 13 years now. I use it all the time for my carpet, hardwood floor, and car interior. We have severe allergies and using our Rainbow helps eliminate dust and allergens. We love knowing that our two young boys have a clean floor to play, lay and walk on. All thanks to our Rainbow Vacuum."
John & Laura
"We absolutely love our Rainbow. It's one of those things you didn't know you needed. Not only is it the best vacuum I’ve ever owned or used but it also purifies the air in our home 24/7! This system has changed the meaning of "clean" in our home and we are so thankful we have one and that it will last us a lifetime!"
Russell & Megan